Perception in Creation


Perception in Creation is a work which consists of photographic documentation of water. It aims to question the human perception of the natural processes of creation and destruction through a man-made medium in a technological age. The contrast between what the eye sees and what the camera is able to capture is something of great interest and which also contains the symbolic representation of man’s alteration of the world. The photograph also alters the state in whcih we see the subject; it transforms a moment in time into something which is eternal for us, rather similar to the processes of nature being eternal to the world. Perception in Creation further enhances the beauty and sublimity of these natural processes through abstraction; processes that we should try and embrace rather than try and destroy.

All of the photographs on this page are available to order upon request as a limited edition of 10.


Series One: Crystal Velocity


Series Two: Parallel Worlds


Series Three: Finite Points


Series Four: Cloudless Eyes


Series Five: Indiscrete Omissions


Series Six: Physical Oblivion


Series Seven


Series Eight

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